SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. It gives you access to powerful tools for SEO, paid traffic, social media, and content and PR.

SEMrush offers a vast array of features to help you optimize how your business performs online, whether that be an e-commerce or enterprise business. With SEMrush, you can analyze data on more than 450 million domains and over 9.4 billion keywords. Yes, billion with a B.

You can even uncover your competitors’ organic search, paid, content, PR, and social media strategies. You’ll also be able to unlock the most profitable keywords for your website to better target your online marketing efforts. Boasting more than 3 million users, SEMrush is so popular for a reason — you and your business will realize the untapped online potential that you never knew existed.

Naturally, that kind of power comes with a price. So the question is, how much? And can you give things a try for free? Let’s take a look.

Is there a Free Trial for SEMrush?

There is indeed a free trial available for SEMrush. You can sample SEMrush for 7 days, or 1 full week. There is also a free account version of SEMrush that will give you limited access to some of its features.

How Long is the Free Trial for SEMrush?

The free trial for SEMrush is 7 days long.

How Do I Cancel the Free Trial for SEMrush if I Don’t Want to Keep It?

If you decide that SEMrush isn’t for you after all you can easily unsubscribe from the service by contacting SEMrush directly via phone or email. You will then notify them of your intention to cancel your subscription. There is a 7-day grace period for cancellations so you don’t need to worry if your request comes in just before your trial period ends.

How Much Does SEMrush Cost if I Want to Keep It?

It depends on which plan is best for your business! While the price ranges from $99.95 to $399.95, you will need to pick the appropriate plan and not necessarily the cheapest or most expensive one to achieve the best results.  The pro plan is best-suited for freelancers and in-house marketers with a limited budget, while the Guru level makes sense for small businesses and growing agencies.

Meanwhile, the business level is for full-scale agencies and business with a large web presence. The enterprise level will give you full customization. Here is a full breakdown of your options and features.

Price$99.95 per month $199.95 per month$399.95 per monthContact SEMrush for details
Best ForFreelancers, startups
and in-house
SMB and growing
marketing agencies
A custom solution
to fit your needs

How Do I Get the Free Trial for SEMrush?

Choose your SEMrush plan and then register on the next screen. You will then enter your credit card information and be off and running. As long as you cancel within your trial week you will not be charged.