If you’re an avid gamer or movie buff, it’s hard to beat GameFly for value and convenience.

Boasting a library of over 9,000 titles in films and video games, you’re sure to find something that interests you to put into your queue. If you receive a video or game and don’t like it, you can simply ship it right back and the next item in your list will be on its way. Whether you constantly crave what’s hot and new or love the nostalgia of games from the past, GameFly has all of the best old and new games and videos for you to enjoy.

If you receive a game or movie and absolutely love it, you can even choose to keep it at a low, pre-owned price. But perhaps the best thing about GameFly is that there are no late fees. You can rent and keep a game for as long as you’d like. When you beat it or grow tired of it, simply send it back and you’ll receive your next game. This is much cheaper than buying new games as they are released each month.

Is There a Free Trial for GameFly?

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial available for GameFly. Your subscription will run interrupted until you cancel your membership.

How Long is the Free Trial for GameFly?

The free trial for GameFly is 30 days long. After the 30 days, you will be charged either $15.95 per month or $22.95 per month, depending on if you want one or two game or movie rentals at a time.

How Do I Cancel the Free Trial for GameFly if I Don’t Want to Keep It?

Canceling your GameFly account is easy. Simply go to your Account and select Cancel My Membership, located at the bottom right of the page. If you cancel before your 30-day trial period ends, you won’t be charged a thing.

However, if you choose to continue with your membership or forget to cancel, your credit card on file will be charged monthly until you cancel your membership. This subscription fee is charged on the first day of your paid subscription and on that day each month until you cancel. You may cancel your GameFly account at any time.

How Much Does GameFly Cost if I Want to Keep It?

GameFly is remarkably cheap for what it offers you in value. There are only two plans for you to choose from, meaning you only need to decide if you’d like to have one or two rentals at a time.

As you’ll see, GameFly also offers the first three months at a discounted rate of $9.50 or $13.50, respectively. However, taking advantage of the 30-day free trial offers the best deal.

1 Game or Movie out at a time2 Games or Movies out at a time
$9.50 per month for 3 months$13.50 per month for 3 months
$15.95 per month after$22.95 per month after

How Do I Get the Free Trial for GameFly?

To get your free trial to GameFly, you’ll need a valid credit card. You have to sign up for one of the membership levels and decide whether or not you want to continue once your free trial is over. There are no late fees involved with a GameFly subscription and you can cancel at any time.