There is a seven-day trial with Coursera that allows you to set and try a Specialization or Degree for free. With this, you can earn a certificate during that seven-day trial and it is valid. On the 8th day, you will be charged on whatever price that Specialization is. Most of the courses are on a Subscription or Individual purchase that can cost $39 – $79.

Is There A Free Trial for Coursera?

There is a free seven-day trial, and there are also so many classes that are free as well without the certificate. If you want or need the certificate, you will either need to apply for financial aid, pay a subscription, or pay full price.

With a subscription or paid enrollment, you have all the fundamentals of a school such as grading, certificates, more content, and support. This comes beneficial when investing in a Specialization Subscription which is five to six individual online courses.

How Long is the Free Trial for Coursera?

Coursera’s free trial is set for seven days. To access courses, you have to provide credit card information. IN this when the seven-day trial is over, your card will be charged on the 8th day for that course.

How Do I Cancel Coursera After My Free Trial is Over?

If you decide you do not want to continue Coursera, you are able to cancel your free trial. Your free trial can be found when you log into your Coursera account under “My Purchases” and then under Manage Subscriptions. Then you can click “Cancel” next to the “Free Trial” name.

You will still have access for the rest of the days for the seven-day trial, however, after that seventh day, you will not be able to see course materials anymore.

What Does Coursera Pricing Look Like After the Free Trial?

If you choose to keep Coursera, you can choose between two options Subscription or Course

Coursera Costs and Plans

Coursera Plus $399 Annually
Individual Courses $30 – $100 per Course

 If you are a business there are also team options:

Team $400 Annually per User
Custom Varies

Coursera Courses can include:

  • Videoed lectures
  • Grading
  • Peer review and support
  • Community discussion forums
  • Certification that can be used professionally

How Do I Sign-Up for Coursera’s Free Trial?

You can start your free trial by simply going to the website and signing up. There is no credit card information required at the time of signing in. However, it is required if you order a class with certification. You do not have to do so if you sign up for a class with no certification needed. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use a pre-paid debit card for a Subscription.

If you are not satisfied, you can easily cancel your subscription should you gain one. In most cases, Coursera generally costs way less than other colleges.

In most cases, many courses that are free do not have features such as having graded materials or certificates. If you so choose that you need a certificate you are able to apply for financial aid. When applying for financial aid, it is important that you are not in a current class, or on a free trial. It takes approximately two weeks to process if nothing gets caught up.

You can choose from the vast choices of computer science, health, business, engineering, education, art, personal development, and so much more. There is no end to the amount of education that you can receive. The best part of it, there are so many free courses still available.