Being safe online is very important, especially if you shop online. You never know when a virus or malware will be lurking around the corner. These little bugs can grab any information while crashing you

Does Avast offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Avast does offer free trials on several of their products; however, they do offer a free antivirus, with the basic plan. They also provide a free secure browser as well to use. Both are easy to install and easy to use. They help provide security in both the cyber world and throughout your Wi-Fi.

Depending on what you do on your computer and your mobile you can be putting yourself at major risk. You can lose data and personal information. You can also lose time in having to make sure that your computers are back up and running. The slightest file share can cause one extremely expensive cleanup.

What Can You Do with Your Free Version of Avast?

Simply put its free, forever. It helps detect and remove viruses and other threats while providing prevention against future attacks. If you are in any way exposed in your browser against potential threats or malware, you are informed and protected.

What Do You Get When You Subscribe?

When you subscribe you get a full-scale protection across all visiting platforms. It helps protect your PC while providing a firewall and a spam filter. Provides ransomware protection along with bonus features that enhance security. In many cases, companies have to make sure that all of their devices are secured and the ability to update their drives.

How Much Does It Cost to Subscribe?

Depending on the number of devices, the amount of time you would like to secure, and the product of which you choose. Below we have provided some of their products along with pricing. However, make note that prices may vary, and always check for deals.

Personal Products

Product Number of Devices Price
Free Anti-Virus 1 $0.00
Free Secure Browser 1 $0.00
Premium 10 $89.99/Year
Ultimate 10 $119.99/Year
Secure Line VPN 1 $3.99/Month
Secure Line VPN (5 Device) 5 $4.99/Month
AntiTrack 1 PC $49.99/Year
BreachGuard 1 PC $39.99/Year
Cleanup Premium 1 PC $59.99/Year
Cleanup Premium (5 Device) 5 $69.99/Year
Driver UpDater 1 PC $39.99/Year
Battery Saver 1 PC $29.99/Year


Business Products

Product Per Year
Avast Business Antivirus $36.99
Avast Business Antivirus Pro $46.99
Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus $56.99
Avast Business Antivirus for Linux $207.99
Avast Business Standalone Antivirus $29.59
Avast Business Patch Management $23.99

Canceling Subscription

It is pretty easy, to cancel your subscriptions. If you have a product on your PC, be sure to log in on your PC and if you have a mobile product, log in to the mobile app. If you are not already logged in, be sure to have your log in nearby because you will need to do so to get to the “Subscriptions” tab. Look under the subscription that you are wanting to unsubscribe to, and you should see a “unsubscribe” button. You will then choose a date that your subscription will expire on and then hit confirm.

Refunds and Warranties

Avast provides a thirty-day money-back guarantee on most products. If you meet refund requirements Avast will terminate your subscriptions and provide you with a full refund of what you paid during the subscription term. Be sure to check out the cancellation and refund policies!


No matter if you are looking to protect your home devices or your business, there are always available options that can help you! Avast is easy to use and provides solid protection while also providing a sense of control. While some products charge, they are really easy on the wallet and do not charge much as some other services do.